Boiler Service and Central Heating Breakdown Cover

If you want to protect your central heating system or boiler, and your bank account, from costly breakdowns then you must consider taking out a gas boiler or central heating breakdown cover policy. For a low monthly fee you get access to trained plumbers to help you with one phone call and get your heating or hot water working again. You can contact our professional plumbers by visiting

This site is designed to help homeowners looking for central heating and boiler protection or boiler service plans and has highlighted the main features of the cover plans to help you.

Taking out central heating cover can give you real peace of mind and protect you in the long run, common boiler repairs can cost hundreds of pounds if you do not have cover in place. This could be avoided with a plan that costs a few pounds each month. Having a regular boiler service keeps your boiler operating efficiently, saving money on your heating bills, and will keep your family safe from the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Typically, more than two million central heating systems breakdown each, this equates to one household every 15 seconds having a heating problem, this increases in a cold snap and local plumbers can be fully committed to repairing systems meaning that you will have to wait before your heating or hot water are working again.

Approximately 30% of new boilers will have a problem in their first 6 years of operation and this means that you are not immune from breakdowns even if you have a relatively new system.

These days inexpensive boiler and central heating cover plans are available to protect a range of components from boiler and controls, pumps,radiators, and thermostats. Extending the services offered some now include an annual service or inspection of your boiler.

Please take a moment to review the plans outlined in this site – they could be the best purchase you make this year particularly if your system is just about to have a problem.