Boiler Care and Central Heating Plans

Modern boilers are complex devices and need regular maintenance to operate safely and efficiently. If you have a boiler or central heating problem you will probably not be able to fix this yourself, safety is important and to ensure you are safe gas engineers are trained and licensed to CORGI standards.

Also heating problems seem to happen when the weather is at its worst, when everyone else is using their systems. As a result there can be a sudden demand for a plumber to help fix a breakdown and at times like these the call out fee can increase and the wait times extend.

For a small monthly fee you can take out a boiler or full central heating protection plan to ensure you can have priority assistance from expert plumbers when you experience problems. You could have a burst hot water pipe, a malfunctioning boiler, boiler electrical failures or one of the many expensive problems we highlighted in our breakdown costs article. With a protection plan you will not bear the full costs of these or need to pay a call-out fee. Having access to a priority service number also means that you will not have to wait for help.

Recommended Features of Boiler Care Plans

If you are taking out a boiler care plan look for the following features .

Parts & Labour
These should be included in the price so that you know all you pay is the monthly fee. Some policies place a limit on the number of hours labour provided and you need to be aware of this as paying for a plumber by the hour can add considerably to a breakdown cost.

Callouts & Fee
You will be paying a monthly fee, check that your plan does not charge you a call out fee unless this means that the monthly fee is discounted down. Also make sure that there is not an annual call out limit, you may have more than one emergency in a year and some companies will refuse to attend your third call-out.

Boiler Safety Inspections
Safety inspections are often included within the plans. Select a plan with this inclusive cover so you get the added benefit of peace of mind.

Response Time & Operating Hours
Ensure that there is a 24 hour customer helpline available. You may get a breakdown in the middle of the night and need to call assistance quickly. Also ensure that you are offered same day attendance if you call early in the morning so you get an expert to attend your heating problem quickly.

Limits on Boiler Age
Some boiler care providers restrict the age of the boiler that they will accept onto the boiler care plan. Make sure that you boiler is not deemed to be too old. Also ensure that the company that you select will continue to provide service to your boiler into the future as its age increases.

Regular Safety Inspections.
Some maintenance plans include an annual or bi-annual maintenance inspection. These are excellent value as an expert engineer will call and review your system often spotting potential problems before a breakdown and subsequent home emergency.

Public Holiday Cover
Emergencies can happen on Christmas day or Bank Holidays. Select a provider that offers 365 day availability and does not suspend cover when the plumber is on holiday!

Plumbing Skills
Select a company that regularly trains their workforce. Modern appliances are getting more complex each year and you don’t want a tradesman who is unaware of the latest service and repair requirements.

Area Coverage
Check that t your area is fully covered by locally situated engineers. You don’t want to wait whilst the plumber travels 60 miles to attend your emergency.

There are many large companies, offering home boiler and emergency plans but they are not all equal and you need to check the service you are purchasing. We suggest that you review the information in this site before you make your final choice.